Our Kuju town is located in the center of Kyushu Island, western part of Japan. In Mother Nature of Kuju highland, Sato Brewery produces Japanese sake under the brand-name of Kuju Senbazuru thanks to the collaboration of cool air and clear underwater of Kuju mountain range. The naming comes from the famous Nobel laureate for literature Yasunari Kawabata who wrote "Thousand Cranes" as original Japanese title SENBAZURU.

After Thousand Cranes was published in 1952 in Japan, Yasunari Kawabata visited Kuju to write the continuation of Thousand Cranes. He was welcomed by the party of Toshiaki Sato, the second owner of Sato Brewery and future mayor of Kuju town at the south starting point of Kuju trail up.
As the area had no car road then, they guided the guest down to the town on foot.Toshiaki Sato then visited Yasunari Kawabata at nearby Yasui inn to see and ask the permission of using the name of Senbazuru" on brewery's product. Kawabata cheerfully gave the permission.

Our Sato brewery is a small batch production in the riches of abound Nature highland keeping the traditional brewing of Japanese sake. We are very proud of this long term support by the local community. We hope our small genuine vintage sake product is loved by all the people in the world.

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